Residential Roofing Repair in Alpharetta, GA

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Life can through a lot of challenges at your home’s roofing system. Hail, severe wind, and the ever-present threat of ultraviolet radiation take a serious toll. Your rooftop protects your home and your family. But who’s there to protect your roof?

Our team at Pro Roofing and Restoration would love to do just that! Seasoned, courteous roofers work together to support local homeowners and developers alike. The ultimate goal? To build strong, durable roofing systems to last for decades to come. See what our roofing company is all about by calling our friendly staff at 770-214-4788. Ask about our Alpharetta, GA residential roofing repair and replacement solutions, and see why so many locals trust us!

Our Local Alpharetta Services

What sort of solutions can you find from our local roofing experts? Our seasoned roofing team offers service for every stage of your roof’s lifetime, from installation to repairs and replacement! Whatever challenge you face with your roofing system, we can help.

Below, you’ll some of our most popular solutions requested by local homeowners. Should your require urgent care, contact our 24/7 emergency team at 770-214-4788 and request your residential roofing repair in Alpharetta, GA. You’ll find your lasting relief in no time!

Metal Systems

Metal Roofing Installation

When homeowners want roofing that balances powerful weather defense with energy efficiency, they often look to metal panel systems. Typically made from galvanized steel or reflective aluminum, these roofs last 50, even 60 years on a regular basis. Given their excellent heat management and energy-conserving abilities, it’s no wonder many homeowners choose these long-term solutions!

Residential Roofing & Siding

Residential Roofing Repair

From professional shingle repair, to long-term solutions for flat systems, our dedicated repair experts offer lasting results when you need them most. Our repairs don’t stop at shingles either. We offer roofwide service, including repairs for your soffit, fascia boards, gutters, and even siding. Call us any time at 770-214-4788 and arrange a checkup for your home.

  • Roof Repair Company Our roofing experts take their time to thoroughly assess the roof before repairs begin, ensuring lasting results.
  • Roof Installation Thanks to our roofers’ expert craftsmanship and quality materials, our roofing installations last for decades to come!
  • Asphalt Shingle Replacement Storm damage and pests may harm your shingles, but our affordable repairs ensure that damage is dealt with quickly.
  • Soffit & Fascia Roof Repair Healthy soffit ensures proper attic ventilation, while fascia supports your gutters. Make sure they stay in good condition!
  • Residential Flat Roof Repair Our flat roof experts know all the common challenges and hazards your system faces. Schedule your service visit today!
  • Roof Gutter Install & Repair Gutters safely direct water away from your foundation, which is why repairing damaged sections is so important.
  • Siding – Hardie Board & Vinyl If your home siding sustained damage during a recent storm or a personal attic, we’ll make things right.
  • Impact Resistant Shingles Enhance your rooftop protection by upgrading to a hail-resistant shingle! Find out about pricing in your area.
  • Architectural (Laminate) Shingles These thicker, wind-resistant shingles won’t get blown off easily! See how these lovely systems work for your home.
  • Synthetic Shingles While they closely mimic the appearance of slate, tile, or even wood shakes, synthetic shingles skip the extra costs!

Storm Damage

Storm Damage Services

Why let storm damage leave your home exposed to nasty water damage and mold growth? Let our trusted experts help! The Pro Roofing and Restoration team is here, ready and waiting to supply repairs for hail, wind, and heavy rain damage. With a detailed inspection and a careful assessment of your roof’s health, we’ll find the most cost-effective solutions available so you can return to normal life!

  • Emergency Roof Repair Timely roof repairs could make the difference betwen a simple fix and thousands of dollars in water damages.
  • Roof Leaks Repaired / Patched Worried about a leak in your attic or flat roof? Contact our experienced roofers and ask for a detailed leak inspection.
  • Hail Damage Roof Repair If your home’s roof has been riddled with hail trauma, talk with us. We’ll find an affordable way to make things right.
  • Wind Damage Roof Repair When severe wind rips shingles off the roof, leaks are sure to follow. Make sure your home is protected with fast repair.
  • Roof Insurance Claims Help Our seasoned roofing experts would be happy to help you inspect the roof and collect evidence for your claim!