Residential Metal Roof Repair & Installation

A Gorgeous Red Standing Seam Metal Roof

Choosing a Dependable, Efficient Roof

What makes residential metal roofing such an enticing choice for homeowners? Sure, there’s exciting energy benefits and vibrant colors that demand attention. The real allure of metal however, is the long-term dependability and safety that these systems offer. Few other can boast all of these wonderful perks!

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Why Choose a Metal Roof?

You’ve likely heard of metal’s outstanding durability. This premium roofing material carries with it a proven reputation for strong protection against storms and ultraviolet light. But how does metal compare with other popular solutions on the market?

Below, we’ll explore some of the most notable points of comparison between metal systems and other materials. Should you have any questions about these facts or the residential metal roof installation process, feel free to consult with one of our experts at 770-214-4788!

Roof Lifetimes

Long-Term Protection for Your Home

Your basic asphalt shingles last for up 20 years before tear down and replacement. That’s a short but reasonable lifetime for an entry level roofing system. Metal systems, on the other hand, usually last 50 to 60+ years before replacement. With good care and the occasional maintenance – residential metal roof repair is rarely necessary – metal roofs often last even longer.

60 years! That’s three times the expected lifetime of asphalt shingles. Considering hail storms, violent winds, and other catastrophic events that might cause shingles to be retired early, you could replace a shingle roof four or five times before a metal roof finally expired. However, we’ll stick with the maximum asphalt shingle roof lifetime of 20 years for our comparisons.

Energy Perks

Alluring Energy Benefits

One of the many benefits homeowners enjoy most from metal roofing is a surge in energy efficiency. The reflective nature of metal deflects a high percentage of sunlight that would otherwise soak into and superheat your rooftop. As a result, your air conditioner contends with less invading heat, returns to shorter run times, and dials way back on energy consumption. Metal roofing also acts as an insulator for heat already inside your home.

Considering your heating and cooling appliances represent almost half of your home’s daily energy usage (on average), any savings made here could mean hundreds, even thousands of dollars over the years. No wonder homeowners are drawn to metal roofing!

Cost Comparisons

Residential Metal Roofing vs Asphalt Shingles

Asphalt roof shingles offer affordability and capable protection for around 20 years. During those two decades however, you can expect one or more major repair incidents. Not all shingle roofs last the full twenty years however, as hail and violent winds cause many to be retired early.

On the other hand, metal roofs regularly endure for upwards of 60 years. Maintenance requirements are easily manageable. With enhanced durability and powerful storm protection, you won’t definitely be calling your local roofer very often for residential metal roof repair!

Two Roofers Install Corrugated Panels on Top of a Home

See if Your Home Could Benefit!

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