Asphalt Shingle Repair and Replacement

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Professional Care for Your Shingles

Lasting results for your roof starts with finding the right team to partner with. Our experienced and courteous professionals at Pro Roofing and Restoration bring years of industry knowledge to the table. Based on our reviews, they also do an outstanding job of caring for each and every customer!

What sort of challenge are your shingles facing today? Our team would love to partner with you to find a cost-effective solution. Whether that be replacement or asphalt shingle repair in Duluth, GA, you can count on us for results that last! Call 770-214-4788 to get started.

Expert Repair Services

It takes a professional willing to look beneath the surface to provide lasting results for your rooftop. At Pro Roofing and Restoration, we begin our repair services by closely examining both the superficial and underlying layers of your roof. After all, we wouldn’t want to cover up the source of the problem just to treat the symptoms!

Whether your roofs woes are the result of a decade of wear or a single violent storm, your personal roofing professional identify any pertinent trauma. Then they’ll equip you with a list of cost-effective options so that you can make an informed decision for your home.

Asphalt Shingle Replacement

Though asphalt shingles offer very capable protection for your home, it only takes one violent storm to inflict serious damage. Repairs may be cost-effective when the trauma is isolated to one area of your roof. Widespread damage however, is another story.

Many homeowners find that roof replacement provides the most practical solution for extensive shingle loss. With Pro Roofing and Restoration, you’ll always find our team ready to support you with professional asphalt shingle replacement. Of course, you can always take the opportunity to switch to a more resilient material, such as architectural (laminate) shingles.

Ask for Your Project Estimate!

Ready to find a cost-effective solution for your damaged shingles? Call our friendly staff at 770-214-4788 and arrange an inspection for your home! We’ll assess the problem and get started on your asphalt shingle repair in Duluth, GA. If you haven’t teamed up with Pro Roofing and Restoration before, be sure to check out our reviews too!