Residential Flat Roof Repair

An EPDM Flat Roof Sits on a Sunny Afternoon

Overcoming the Elements

Flat roof systems offer a unique space-saving design that many homeowners love. Not only does the category feature a simplified installation process, flat rooftops can also serve as top-level storage. Past these benefits however, are a number of common challenges that must be overcome for a flat roof to last.

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Flat Roof Hazards

The chief cause for concern when it comes to flat roofing is ponding water. Through poor installation or years of wear, water often becomes trapped on the surface of flat roofing systems. The moisture slowly breaks down the roof over time, though it will attempt to seep into the ceiling below, given the chance. The problem only worsens as the seams of the rooftop weaken, which is why proper seam protection is essential.

Because of flat roofs seemingly accessible design, too many homeowners casually walk across their rooftops. This foot traffic causes additional wear on the surface material. If you wish to lengthen the life of your roof, try to spend as little time on top of it as little as possible (especially on single ply systems).

Ultraviolet (UV) Sunlight

What happens when you leave a piece of wooden furniture outside for too long? It dries out, and the wood starts to crack. In time, even the color begins to fade.

The same holds true for roofing, albeit at a slower pace. Prolonged periods of exposure dry out the surface of your rooftop, causing cracks to develop and grow over the years. Rain water settles into these scarred spots on the roof, accelerating the damage. This is why many roofers recommend protecting your flat roof with a silicone or polyurea coating. If your rooftop shows any of these abrasions or signs of fading, talk with one of our helpful roofers about finding a lasting solution. Better to arrange minor repairs now than to wait for an emergency situation later on.

Damaged Top Layer of a Roof

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