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A Gutter Clogged With Clumps of Dirt and Leaves

Gutter Repair & Replacement Solutions

As you likely know already, your gutter system plays a key role in the protection of your home. Secured against the fascia boards, your gutters consistently drain water away from the walls. This prevents the earth surrounding your foundation from becoming saturated with water.

Eager to protect your home with a new gutter installation in Duluth, GA? Talk with one of our professionals about your preferred material, dimensions, and other details, and we’ll help set it up for you! Call our friendly staff today at 770-214-4788 to get started.

Expert Gutter Installation

Like most other parts of your roofing system, gutters last longest when crafted by professionals. Our experts ensure that your gutters are free of leaks and securely fastened to the supporting fascia boards. Loose troughs tend to splash water over the side (on the ground or against the boards), which defeats the purpose of the draining system.

Our experts also simplify the process of choosing an ideal material for your gutters. There are several popular options to choose from, and even more styles to explore. For more details, check out the sections below or contact our local staff at 770-214-4788.

Choosing a Material

Finding Your Ideal Gutter Material

Picking a material may be slightly more complicated than most homeowners realize. Each solution comes with enticing benefits and key drawbacks as well. For instance, aluminum offers exceptional value with broad color selection, low maintenance requirements, and easy installation. However, the metal is also fairly easy to dent in the event of hail.

Here’s a short material guide. Be sure to follow up with a professional consultation with one of our experts!

  • Aluminum
    • Pros: rust-free, color-friendly, warping-resistant
    • Cons: extreme temperature changes may cause cracks, dents
  • Steel
    • Pros: paint-friendly, very durable (leak and dent-resistant)
    • Cons: vulnerable to rust, may warp slightly with temp changes
  • Copper
    • Pros: eye-catching flair, rust-resistance, patina development
    • Cons: more expensive, don’t mix with aluminum roofs
  • Vinyl
    • Pros: cheaper solution, rust-free, fairly durable against dents
    • Cons: shorter lifetime compared to metal

Gutter Styles

Should You Go Seamless?

While some homeowners love the appearance of traditional K-style, U-style, and half-round gutters, many argue that seamless is the way to go. That’s because seamless gutters don’t have the structural weaknesses created by seams, the common starting points of leaks in other systems. Seamless gutters must be crafted on site, and generally cost more to install.

If you’ve dealt with gutter problems in the past, seamless is likely the most ideal solution for your home. Any of our Pro Roofing and Restoration professionals would be happy to talk with you about selections and pricing.

The Downspout of a Metal Gutter System

Schedule Your Gutter Repair!

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