Soffit and Fascia Repair

A Look at Vinyl Fascia Boards

Crucial Home Protection

Two segments defend the entire underside of your roof, and many homeowners don’t even realize they exist. Your soffit and fascia boards provide much needed protection against pests, rain, and excessive energy use. Without them, your home would be exposed to numerous outdoor hazards, some that could even endanger your home!

At Pro Roofing and Restoration, we offer affordable ways to keep your roof healthy and protected. That includes professional soffit and fascia repair in Duluth, GA, and the surrounding communities. To learn more about your local services, contact our friendly staff at 770-214-4788.

Professional Repair Services

So where are these essential ingredients of our roofing systems located? Why is it so important that they stay in good condition? Below, we’ll explain each part’s role and how our solutions can help. If you’d like more information, feel free to contact the Pro Roofing and Restoration and ask about soffit and fascia replacement!

Soffit & Vents

How Healthy Soffit Protects Your Budget

During the day, solar rays sink into the surface of your roof, heating the layers below. This warmth gradually builds until the entire roof is swollen with heat. Unless this heat is given the opportunity to escape outside, it slowly invades through the ceiling and ruins your perfectly cooled environment. Your air conditioning goes into overdrive to fix the problem, but that means a surge in energy costs.

Your soffit however, contains vents that consistently redirect solar heat back outside. That’s good news for your comfort and your energy bill! Wood rot, rust, and other forms of corrosion may damage your soffit, however. To preserve your attic, make sure to contact the the professionals at Pro Roofing and Restoration as soon as you notice signs of degradation. We’ll help you find a suitable replacement material that fits your budget!

Fascia Boards

Fascia Boards: Defending Attic & Foundation

Fascia boards play an equally crucial role in your home’s safety. They protect both your attic and the foundation. You may be wondering, “How on earth do boards in the roof protect the foundation?” When the earth surrounding your foundation soaks up excessive moisture, the soaked area may expand and shift. This places tremendous force on your foundation, creating dangerous cracks. Fascia serves as the primary point of attachment for your gutter system, which prevents water from soaking the earth surrounding your foundation slab.

The boards also serve as a barrier against splashing rain and harmful pests. Loose, weakened boards offer an ideal entry point for insects and vermin. Trying to remove them from the attic after the fact is much harder than keeping them out in the first place, which is why professional repairs are so important.

Soffit and Fascia Installation

Of course, our team at Pro Roofing and Restoration offers more than just repair service! For those new home construction projects, our skilled roofers offer plenty of materials for crafting solutions that stand the test of time! Contact our local office to talk about your options for soffit and fascia installation.

Gutter System Attached to Roof Fascia Board

Schedule Your Soffit and Fascia Replacement!

Don’t let storm trauma or insect damage threaten the safety of your home. Call our local team today at 770-214-4788 to arrange your Duluth, GA soffit and fascia repair (or replacement). You’ll quickly see why so many locals entrust their homes to our care!