Synthetic Shingle Repair & Installation

A Synthetic Roofing Material Mimicking Wood

Eye-Catching Design, Convenient Maintenance

Have you ever craved the alluring appearance of wood shakes or natural slate? These gorgeous roofing materials offer some outstanding benefits. However, they also sit behind a wall of exorbitant installation and maintenance costs.

What if you could enjoy the aesthetic benefits of these materials, without the cumbersome baggage? Synthetic shingles closely mimic the appearance of tile, slate, and even natural wood at a fraction of the cost. To learn more about synthetic shingle installation in Duluth, GA, contact our knowledgeable roofers at 770-214-4788!

Why Synthetic Shingles?

When it comes to premium roofing, the most prestigious materials often come with hefty demands.

  • Slate roofs last for 100+ years; they have serious weight requirements.
  • Tile roofs last for 60+ years; they too have weight challenges.
  • Wood roofs last for 50+ years; they face fire hazards and cleaning issues.

For many years, roofing manufacturers searched for ways to bypass these restrictive installation and maintenance demands, while also preserving their benefits as much as possible. Their answer: synthetic shingles. These solutions closely imitate the appearance of slate, tile, or wood.

Synth Tile

Synthetic Tile Installation

Regular (ceramic, clay, or concrete) tiles requires substantial roofing supports to hold their weight. Installation may take multiple days, and only a specialist can perform repairs when needed. The higher costs are understandable of course, given a tile roof’s lengthy lifespan.

On the other hand, synthetic tiles are so light, they typically don’t require any roof support framework. They still offer outstanding fire and storm protection, making them an attractive option for safety-minded homeowners. If your family desires a highly-customizable roofing solution that provides capable protection, this could be an ideal choice for you!

Faux Wood

Synthetic Wood Maintenance

Few systems can match the gorgeous aesthetic appeal of natural cedar. With that being said, wood comes with serious cleaning and fire hazard concerns that many ultimately turn down. With a synthetic wood shingle (or shake) rooftop however, homeowners gain the appearance of natural wood without the extra baggage.

These faux materials don’t require extra cleaning. They increase your rooftop’s fire resistance. On top of it all, synthetic shingles come at a fraction of the cost of natural wood.

Synthetic Slate

Synthetic Slate Replacement

As with synthetic tile, faux slate roofs produce the appearance of slate without the bothersome weight problems. That may seem like a trivial perk, but homeowners don’t feel that way when they save thousands and thousands of dollars during installation. Sourcing natural slate can take weeks, but a synthetic stone roof can be installed in a matter of days.

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