Roof Hail Damage Repairs

A Roof Shingle With a Very Deep Gash From a Hail Strike

Restoring Your Roof After a Storm

A devastating hail storm has a tendency to bring life to a halt. Homeowners struggle with knowing how to move forward and take back control of life.

  • Do you file a claim with your insurance, or should you attempt to take on all the repair costs yourself?
  • Would it be worthwhile to simply replace the roof?
  • How can you keep this from happening again?

You can try to answer all these questions by yourself, or you can ask a highly-rated, trusted professional to help! Our team at Pro Roofing and Restoration has supported the local community for years with affordable repairs and lasting roof replacements. Consult with one of our seasoned experts by calling us at 770-214-4788! We’ll help you find lasting relief with our roof hail damage repair in Duluth, GA.

Getting Started With Repairs

First of all, repairs should always begin with a detailed assessment of your roofing system. Hail strikes often causes damage that extends beneath the surface of the shingles, creating potential leaks in your rooftop protection. It’s crucial that these leaks be identified before starting repairs. Otherwise, you might just be covering over a serious problem, which could lead to a late night emergency down the road.

Once our roofers complete an inspection, they consult with each of our customers regarding their most cost-effective path(s) moving forward. Whether that path ultimately leads to sectional repairs or full roof replacement, you will have all the knowledge required to make an informed decision based on your family’s budget. That’s why many homeowners trust us over pushy roofers.

Repair or Replace?

Repair vs Roof Replacement

For roofs with isolated, sectional damages, repairs generally offer the most cost-effective path. Thankfully, widespread availability makes asphalt shingle replacement an easy task. We’ll gladly find new shingles for the damaged spaces.

However, widespread trauma across the rooftop almost always makes roof replacement necessary. Should you need to replace the rooftop, our team can perform the teardown work and replacement process. We’ll walk with you through each step of the project, so that you can know exactly what to expect.

Replacement Ideas

Say your roof merits replacement. That brings up another consideration. If you have the opportunity to replace your roof, should you consider upgrading to a more durable shingle? Many homeowners choose to switch to an impact-resistant material to avoid future damages. Of course, if you wish to upgrade your rooftop protection, our team would be thrilled to support your new installation.

There are numerous materials to consider, from architectural shingles to metal paneling. Talk with one of our Duluth, GA roof hail damage repair and replacement experts about finding the ideal material for your budget and functional goals.

A Shingle Roof Covered in Hail Stones

Let’s Get Started on Your Relief!

Whether you decide to repair or replace your rooftop, it all starts with a simple inspection. Our team at Pro Roofing and Restoration serves countless homeowners every year to help them find lasting relief for their hail damage. Your personal roofing expert will gladly help you collect evidence as you file a claim with your insurance company. More importantly, we’ll ensure that your home and family is safe during the next storm!

Ready to get started on your roofing care? Contact our trusted professionals at 770-214-4788 to arrange your roof hail damage repair in Duluth, GA. If you haven’t partnered with our local team before, be sure to see what other homeowners have to say about us in the reviews!