Roof Damage Insurance Claims

An Insurance Assistance Expert Examines the Condition of a Roof

Taking Back Control

Filing and managing a roof storm damage claim can cause anyone to go crazy. On top of the stressful damage to your home, you also have to collect evidence for your insurance company and plan repairs. Taking too long puts your claim at risk, but how can you know what damage to include in your filing?

First, take a deep breath. Our team at Pro Roofing and Restoration is here to help you sort through all the rooftop trauma. We’ll even assist you with collecting evidence for your claim. All you have to do is contact our team at 770-214-4788 to get started!

A Roof Damage Claim: First Steps

If you’ve had uncertainties about which areas of damage should be included in your insurance report, our roofers offer invaluable insights. To begin, contact our team and tell us about the storm damage. We’ll arrange an inspection to thoroughly assess the rooftop and any underlying structural trauma. Your personal roofing expert will then provide you with a detailed report on the roofing system, including a recommendation towards repair or replacement.

Whether you ultimately choose to file the roof storm damage claim or not, you’ll have the information needed to make an informed decision on your rooftop care. Homeowners with extensive degradation generally decide to reach out to their insurance provider. Isolated damage, on the other hand, is often handled without making a claim.

Crucial Next Steps

For those that proceed with contacting their insurance agency, our team offers helpful services. Your personal roofer provides you with a copy of the damage report to submit to your provider. They can also help you collect before-and-after photos of the rooftop. Even if you partner with a different company, make sure you always gather these photos before repairs!

Schedule Your Post-Storm Inspection Today!

Don’t let fear of insurance keep you and your family from getting the help you deserve! Our team would be thrilled to assist you with your roof insurance claim in Duluth, GA, and make sure that you receive the best response possible! Should you decide to repair or replace your roof, we’ll be their to get the job done right.

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