Roof Leak Repair

Uplifted Shingles That Could Be the Source of Roof Leaks

One Small Problem; Big Consequences

Homeowners generally understand the impact of rooftop hail damage, but they don’t always realize the consequences of a leak. A small rooftop leak begins as minor nuisance, but quickly spirals into an expensive disaster. Given enough time, a sustained rain flow could end up costing your family thousands of dollars in water damages and mold removal.

At Pro Roofing and Restoration, our team understands that timely repair can be the difference between minor repairs and costly restoration work. That’s why our team strives to provide timely roof leak repair in Duluth, GA and surrounding communities. To learn more about our service, contact our helpful staff at 770-214-4788!

Completely Identifying the Damage

Have you ever hired a service professional, only for them to take one look at your system, immediately prescribe an expensive replacement, and charge off to the next job? That probably doesn’t inspire confidence in their assessment, and it shouldn’t. At Pro Roofing and Restoration, our experienced professionals understand what a significant investment you’ve made in your roof. We do not take that investment lightly.

For that reason, our roofing experts take their time to thoroughly assess your roof’s condition after a storm. While some leaks jump out even from a brief ground inspection, others require a more trained eye to detect. Your personal expert may even need to examine inside your attic to locate the origin of a leak.

Our detailed inspections pay off with more consistent results for our clients. By located all the leaks, our team ensures that repairs last for the long haul. After all, we wouldn’t want you to have to call us back during the next storm!

Next Steps

Helping You Move Forward

What’s more important that finding all the leaks in your rooftop? Creating a comprehensive (and prompt) plan to fix them. Your home may require immediate service if you wish to avoid potential mildew or mold spore growth.

Isolated roof leaks can be addressed with sectional repairs and replacement shingles. On the other hand, a rooftop with multiple, widespread pockets of damage may require a full replacement. Consult with your personal roofing expert about which of these options best suits your home and budget.

Insurance Claim Assistance

Assistance With Your Insurance Claim

One of the added benefits of partnering with our team is our invaluable insurance claim assistance. As part of our rooftop assessments, we provide each of our clients with a detailed report and project estimate. If necessary, you can submit this report as evidence to your homeowner’s insurance company.

We’ll also inform you which applicable areas need to be included in your claim and photograph documentation. Always take detailed photos of the damaged roofing sections before repairs begin, or you might miss out on part of your claim payout. Be sure to see if your policy covers additional expenses related to the repairs (or replacement), such as hotel stays and other fees.

Terrible Ceiling Damage From Extensive Roof Leaks

Schedule Your Roof Leak Repair!

At Pro Roofing and Restoration, we provide lasting relief for families throughout the community. Our Duluth, GA roof leak repair services have saved homeowners hundreds, sometimes thousands of dollars in damage prevention. We can’t wait to serve you too!

Ready to get the ball rolling on your home’s relief? Call our friendly team at 770-214-4788 to arrange a leak inspection for your roofing system! You’ll quickly see why so many locals rely on our seasoned roofers for all their roofing needs.